Private college counseling

cropped-central-park-i-e1499369940688Whether you have a sophomore picking classes for next year, a junior deciding whether to ED in the fall, or a senior navigating applications and essays, I can guide you. Understanding and navigating the college admissions process, especially during a time of uncertainty, takes time and energy. As a private college admissions counselor, I take that load off your shoulders and empower your child to move through this process successfully. My students in the Class of 2025 are attending schools like Bowdoin, Cornell, NYU, Occidental, Penn, Rice, Scripps, Tufts, Tulane, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Wake Forest, and Yale, among other places. Collectively, they earned $2 million in merit scholarships. Of those who applied early admission, 71% got in.

While results matter, I take to heart maintaining your child’s feeling of optimism and self-confidence as we work our way through the process.¬†Explore this website, learn more about me, and contact me about a complimentary telephone consultation. I would love to support you and your child through the college admissions experience.

Eva Ostrum

Rev. 11/12/21