Follow me and my daughter on a California college tour!

CA Nummernschild Los AngelesMy youngest daughter and I leave this Sunday for an eight-day/eight-college California trip—first stop Los Angeles!  In addition to visiting colleges, we will be doing all kinds of fun things, like touring a chocolate factory and taking a ferry from San Francisco to Berkeley.  Best of all, we will get to see wonderful people from all different corners of our lives.

Jayda will be vlogging for her friends.  I will be blogging right here.  Check back to read about our impressions of the eight schools we are visiting:

  • Monday, 2/17 – UCLA
  • Tuesday, 2/18 – Occidental
  • Wednesday, 2/19 – Day off in San Francisco!
  • Thursday, 2/20 – Cal Berkeley
  • Friday, 2/21 – Pomona and Pitzer
  • Saturday, 2/22 – USC
  • Sunday, 2/23 – Day off in Claremont!
  • Monday, 2/24 – Scripps and Harvey Mudd, then off to LAX
  • Tuesday, 2/25 – Arrive back in NYC on red eye flight.