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Upcoming and Recorded Webinars (on summer hiatus – join our mailing list for notification of upcoming webinar dates)

Apply Like a Boss: Student Version (2.0) – Part 1: In Part 1, we examine from a 10,000-foot high perspective how admissions officers approach their work and the implications that perspective has for you as an applicant. We then look at ways in which your academic choices can keep doors open for you when it comes time to apply to college.

Apply Like a Boss: Student Version (2.0) – Part 2: In Part 2, we delve into extracurricular activities and how admissions officers interpret this part of your application. We also discuss how to approach extracurriculars in the context of the current public health crisis.

Apply Like a Boss: Student Version (2.0) – Part 3: In Part 3, we look at what makes a teacher recommendation strong, how you can identify recommenders who will strengthen your application, and what to do if no obvious strong recommenders stand out.

Apply Like a Boss: Student Version (2.0) – Part 4: Our final session focuses on standardized testing, including detailed examinations of the ACT, SAT, and subject tests.  We also discuss approaches to test preparation so that you can maximize your results.

Reviews for “Apply Like a Boss” Webinars and Workshops 

Parent:I want to send my heartfelt thanks to you for your tremendously informative college admissions webinar series. Your coverage of the admissions terrain was clear, thorough, and insightful.  Both my kids now feel calmer and clearer about how to proceed in this unprecedented moment of the COVID-19 crisis.  Creativity and flexibility will be key, and they now feel encouraged and empowered to carve out new kinds of meaningful summer experiences for themselves, ones that we never would have considered before tuning into your webinars. It is so gracious of you to offer your expertise free of charge, and I could not miss the opportunity to tell you how much we all appreciated it! Thanks again for both calming and opening our minds.”

Parent:I have found these Webinars to be extremely helpful. The information is thorough and clear. Most importantly, your tone puts the kids at ease, which feels essential to me considering how stressful the prospect of the application process feels to them.”

Parent:  “It was perfect…Phenomenally interesting and useful workshop.”

Parent:  “I learned a lot I did not know [and] got a great sense of what I need to do.”

Parent:   “I’ve been through this process before and I still learned a lot!”

Parent:   “Really fun, went so fast, great exercise to go through.”

Student:  “Really helpful workshop!!”

Student:  “The teacher recommendation info was really interesting.”

Student:  “I loved the workshop!!”

Student:  “This workshop was great to get ideas flowing.”