The college interview: For some schools, it matters

Colleges and universities generally make at least one of the following three types of admissions interviews available to prospective students: An on-campus interview at the admissions office that can take place even before your child decides whether to apply to the school; A meeting with an admissions officer who, on the fall travel circuit, is … Continue reading The college interview: For some schools, it matters

The group information session

As with campus tours, colleges offer you some choice with group information sessions as well.  Some schools, like Tufts, offer separate information sessions depending on the program to which you are applying, such as engineering or the arts.  Other schools, like Yale and Stanford, offer what they call a "Student Forum."  Prospective applicants may attend to speak with current students - … Continue reading The group information session

An engineering tour at Yale

In my last post, I discussed making the most of the college tour.  Today, I went on one myself.  My oldest daughter and I are visiting old friends of mine in New Haven for the holiday weekend.  I decided to spend some time on campus, partly because I so loved my time at Yale that just walking … Continue reading An engineering tour at Yale

Making the most of the campus tour

The college trip that you and your child take together will likely include a formal tour and a group information session in the admissions office.  Formal tours give you a glimpse of campus layout and resources, such as libraries, labs, and athletic complexes.  They allow you to gauge how your child would get around campus, … Continue reading Making the most of the campus tour

Summer means…college visits

The arrival of summer for many families with rising seniors means college visits, sometimes lots of them!  The first and most important tenet of college visits is that there is no "right" way to approach them.  Do what feels comfortable for you and your child and what your budget allows.  That could mean a whirlwind … Continue reading Summer means…college visits